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WP ULike Pro

WP ULike Pro 1.8.4 NULLED


Receiving feedback is crucial as a content creator, but unfortunately, the pieces of content you can collect it on are limited by default. However, with the help of the WP ULike PRO NULLED plugin, it is possible to cast voting to any type of content you may have on your website. With outstanding and eye-catching widgets, you can have Like and Dislike Button on all of your content would it be a post, comment, BuddyPress activity, bbPress topics, WooCommerce products, you name it. With WP ULike’s unique features, the great transformation of your website will begin, and with high speed and precision you will have a comprehensive tool that meets all your marketing needs. Plugin features:

Voting plugin. With WP ULike Pro plugin you can have Like and Dislike Button on all of your contents. This product is completely compatible with WordPress Elementor, you can use widgets by drag and drop on any part of your webpage.

Elementor extension. Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder. The new version of the WP ULike PRO plugin fully supports this page builder and have a variety of widgets & controllers that make life much easier for you. Just drag your desired widget and drop it in your Elementor sections, customize as you go and enjoy your like and dislike buttons on your contents.

Rich snippets generator. WP ULike Pro is an innovative and powerful SEO Plugin which can manage +13 types of Schema Markups to make a better connection between your webpages and search engines. By using it’s professional Schema Generator, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. can easily understand your content, whether it be a Media, Organization, Movie, Book or anything else. It also fully supports Aggregate ratings which is a collection of reviews from users. This enables Google to feature your review ratings and attract customers with it.

Statistics panel. With WP ULike PRO comprehensive Statistics tools, you can track what your users love and what annoys them in an instance. You can extract reports of likes and dislikes in Tables, Charts, Pie Charts or whichever you prefer with some easy steps, no confusing options and coding needed. You can have real-time detailed reports for any of your buttons without hassle and any pressure on your site and servers.

WordPress settings. The settings panel design and features have been revamped to be more user friendly and more straight forward approach. Easy settings, Happy customers. WP ULike Pro plugin has clean coding, resource management and tones of features so you can customize every part of your buttons just by a few clicks.
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