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What is a license?
5.2.0 isn;'t compatible with Prestashop 8.1
Does anyone have v6.1.1 or later? NULLED?
en panel tiene muchas fallas empezando porque no genera la cave api y al poner anuncios no funciona
This is NOT nulled properly. Modules are missing from the install panel in the script, and the ones you can install will not install. This would of been a great share had it been nulled properly. None of the payment gateways work due to improper nulling. That is useless.
Im not getting the api key
Admin Setting Style - Undefined string key "allows_null" not working. 500 Server Error. You can help combine this.
resources\views\admin\panel\fields\select2_from_skins.blade.php - delete all from 22-24 lines