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Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM + Premium Add-ons

Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM + Premium Add-ons 3.1.6


Perfex CRM is self hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Perfex CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

List of Addons and Themes for Perfex:
All-In-One Support Module for Perfex
Appointly Perfex CRM Appointments
Assets Management Module for Perfex CRM
Bitpay Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
Call Log Module for Perfex CRM
Cashfree Payment Gateway Module for Perfex CRM
Client App for Perfex CRM
Coinbase Crypto Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM
Customer Loyalty and Memberships for Perfex CRM
Custom JavaScript Module for Perfex
Custom SMS Email Notifications for Perfex
Custom Task Filters Module for Perfex CRM
Diagramy: A Complete Diagram Editor for Perfex CRM
Drag and Drop Perfex CRM Email Builder
Elite Custom JS and CSS Module for Perfex CRM
Export Customer Details KYC Compliance Module for Perfex CRM
Facebook Leads Integration Sync Module for Perfex CRM
File Sharing for Perfex CRM
Financial Control Professional Expenses Weboox
Flat Admin Theme for Perfex CRM
GoCardless Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
HR Records for Perfex CRM
Human Resources Management HR Module for Perfex CRM
Imabotmail Accounting and Bookkeeping for Perfex CRM
ImportSync CSV Mapping for Perfex CRM
Inventory Management for Perfex CRM
Lead Follow-Up Scheduler Module for Perfex CRM
Lead Manager for Perfex Module
Mailbox Webmail Client for Perfex CRM
Mailchimp Module for Perfex CRM
Mailflow Customers Leads Newsletter for Perfex CRM
Manufacturing Management for Perfex CRM
Marketing Automation Module for Perfex CRM
Mention and Tag for Perfex CRM
Mindmap Module for Perfex CRM
Multipage Web-to-Lead Form Module
OKRs Objectives and Key Results for Perfex CRM
Omni-Channel Sales for Perfex CRM
Paystack Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
Perfex AIWriter: OpenAI Base Content Generator
Perfex Android App: Lead Management App
Perfex CRM Addon for Teleman Telemarketing Application
Perfex CRM Admin Light Theme
Perfex CRM and TelegramBot
Perfex CRM and TelegramBot Chat Module
Perfex CRM Arabic Language Translation
Perfex CRM Chat Tickets App for Support Board
Perfex CRM Customer Feedback Module
Perfex CRM Dark Theme
Perfex CRM Employee Chat
Perfex CRM Flat Theme
Perfex CRM Office Theme
Perfex CRM SaaS Module
Perfex Dashboard: Dashboard Builder for Perfex CRM
Perfex Mercadopago
Perfex Mod: Advanced Task Manager
Perfex Mod: Automation Manager
Perfex Mod: Custom Links
Perfex Mod: Language Translations
Perfex Shop: Ecommerce Module for Perfex CRM
PerfexWiki: Internal Knowledge for Perfex CRM
Perfex Zillapage
Perfex Zoom Meeting Module
PerfShield: The Powerful Security Toolset for Perfex CRM
Project Roadmap: Advanced Reporting for Perfex CRM Projects
PublishX: AI-Powered CMS for Perfex CRM
Purchase Management for Perfex CRM
Pushover: Instant Support Notifications for Perfex CRM
QR Code Addon Module for Perfex CRM
Quickbooks Online Module for Perfex CRM
Razorpay Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
Recruitment Management for Perfex CRM
Reminder Module for Perfex CRM
ReportPlus: Effortless Automated Reporting Module for Perfex CRM
Rest API for Perfex CRM
Rest API for Perfex Customers
SaaS Module for Perfex CRM Multitenancy Support
Sales Commission Program for Perfex CRM
SendinBlue SMS Notification Module for Perfex CRM
Shopier Payment Gateway for Perfex CRM
Spreadsheet Online for Perfex CRM
Staff Workload for Perfex CRM
Subscription as Products for Perfex CRM
Supplier Management Module for Perfex CRM
Task Filters Module for Perfex CRM
Tasks Bookmark Module for Perfex CRM
Team Password for Perfex CRM
Timesheets and Leave Management for Perfex CRM
TurnCRM: Perfex CRM SaaS Module
Ultimate Dark Theme for Perfex CRM
Ultimate Purple Theme for Perfex CRM
Webhooks Module for Perfex CRM
Weboox: Convert Perfex CRM to App Android
Weboox: Convert Perfex CRM to App Windows
Weboox Plugin: Gerencianet para Perfex CRM API
Weboox Pro Theme for Perfex CRM
WhatsApp Cloud API Business Integration Module for Perfex CRM
WhatsApp Module for Perfex CRM
Whiteboard Module for Perfex CRM
WooCommerce Module for Perfex CRM
Wordfex for Perfex CRM
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Perfex CRM
Account Planning Module for Perfex CRM
Addon SMS Manager Module for Perfex CRM
Advanced Email System for Perfex CRM
Advanced Lead Filters Module for Perfex CRM
Advanced To-Do Manager Module for Perfex CRM


Download Perfex CRM Addons

Managing customers is important and Perfex CRM helps in several ways:
  • Manage and invoice projects with the powerful Project Management Feature.
  • Link tasks to many Perfex CRM features and stay organized.
  • Build professional, great looking estimates and invoices.
  • Powerful support system with ability to auto import tickets.
  • Track time spent on tasks and bill your customers. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track timer per assigned staff.
  • Add task followers even if the staff is not project member. The staff member will be able to track the task progress without accessing the project.
  • Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, create proposals. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.
  • Create good looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.
  • Records your company/project expenses and have the ability to bill to your customers and auto convert to invoice.
  • Know more about your customers with powerful CRM.
  • Increase customer retention via built-in Surveys.
  • Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.
  • Create announcements for your staff members and customers.
  • Use Contracts feature to lock in current and future sales.
  • Custom fields can store extra information for customers, leads and more.
  • Receive payments from Paypal and Stripe in different currencies.
  • Tons of configurable options.
  • Style the CRM to your company branding with the powerful theme styling feature.
  • Separated media folder for non-admin staff members to work inside the CRM and organize their uploads and files.
  • Great looking calendar for each staff member based on staff permissions.
  • Follow ups, reports, notes, files and many more features.
CRMs need to focus on customers and Perfex CRM does that with a powerful support system that helps you track and resolve issues quickly via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or many staff members and with one click, reminders can be sent to email and in-app notification system. These features and more can take customer satisfaction to the next level.
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  1. Perfex 3.1.6

    Version 3.1.6 - April 28, 2024 Add option to auto-convert proposal to invoice after acceptance...
  2. Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM 3.1.5

    Version 3.1.5 March 18, 2024 Updated: TinyMCE to v6 Updated: Allow more HTML tags in ticket...
  3. Perfex 3.1.4

    Version 3.1.3-3.1.4 February 18, 2024 Add filter by members to the project table Fix company...

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