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Aco Currency Switcher for WooCommerce PRO

Aco Currency Switcher for WooCommerce PRO 3.0.3 NULLED

Aco Currency Switcher for WooCommerce PRO.jpg

AcoWebs WooCommerce Currency Switcher Pro NULLED

Increase your business worldwide with WooCommerce Currency Switcher– the multi-currency converter plugin that shows prices in the user’s local currency. WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin helps to set up multi-currency in a WooCommerce store utilizing the easy-to-use and elegant User Interfaces.

Supports more than 150 Currencies​

WooCommerce currency converter plugin enables you to manage more than 150 currencies, with options for the customers to add custom currencies and icons. With this multi-currency plugin, you can add any type of currency to your WooCommerce store and offer the best solution to customers worldwide to shop in their local currencies.

Auto and Manual update exchange rates​

With the WooCommerce currency converter plugin, we offer 10+ WooCommerce currency aggregator services. Choose the best aggregator to enable automatic sync of your currency exchange rates. You can let the currency exchange rates update automatically, which gets updated in regular intervals. Also, you may manually set the exchange rates in terms of the default currency.
  • Manage the currency exchange rates both automatically and manually.
  • Receive Email notifications once any changes occur in the currency rates.

Auto Detect WooCommerce currency​

Acowebs WooCommerce Currency switcher has a feature that auto-detects user location based on the user’s IP to set the default currency. After the detection of the user’s geo-location IP and the country from which they browse the store, the extension displays the prices relevant to the home currency of the specific users.

Set an exchange fee for each currency.​

With the currency switcher for WooCommerce, you can set an extra fee for the currency exchange rate in addition to the usual rate. To enable this particular feature, you can set the currency exchange rates concerning the default currencies of your WooCommerce store.

Customize currencies​

Every currency can take its own format in which you can set the price/money sign as you prefer. Use your custom money symbols to represent the WooCommerce currencies. You may also add and show the country flags in the currency selection box of your WooCommerce store as you need.
  • Feature to set WooCommerce multi-currency formats.
  • Can set the Currency Switcher on the Frontend with the position either to the left or right.
  • Currency flags are available
  • Feature to set custom currency symbol.
  • Functionality to write custom CSS for front-end.
  • Change the WooCommerce currency board background and color.
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