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WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders

WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders 3.4.1

WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders.jpg

Need to way to more easily create phone orders, or manually add new orders?​

WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders lets you do that, quick and easy. Use the smart search box to search for products by name or SKU, click to add them to the order, select an customer or add a new customer, choose the shipping method if shipping is required, select a payment method, enter the payment details, and place the order. You’re done.

For selecting customers, you can add new orders for a “Guest” shopper ( shoppers that don’t already have, or don’t need, a user account on your site ), or optionally add a new customer and register a user account at the time the order is placed.

For selecting products to add to the cart, the plugin works for simple, variable, grouped products, composite products, bundled products, subscription products, and many others. And for product pricing, WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders works with our Dynamic Discounts, Wholesale Pricing, Tiered Pricing, Checkout Fields Editor Pro, Donations Pro, Gift Certificates Pro, and many more. ( Many of our other plugins are also supported, feel free to contact us to ask about support specific features ).

For highly specialized products that require extra data input or selections when ordering, the plugin lets you do that too. So it works great for products that require custom input from forms created by our Product Add-on Forms plugin, or other third party plugins such as Gravity Forms, and many others.

You can place orders on hold and resume processing the order at a later time. And you can load any existing order and use it as a starting point for a new order, which is great if you have customers that routinely place orders for the same items.

You can also apply coupons, if you want to, when placing orders for your customers.

You can optionally manually adjust product prices for most normal types of products on the fly when you want to ( note that this is not shown in the video demo ).

You can optionally add arbitrary products to an order even when those products don’t exist in your store catalog.

And, you can optionally set a custom shipping price for the order ( note that this is not shown in the video demo ).

Add cart fees using any label and fee amount that you need.

Works with most payment gateways, such as Check Payments, Bank Transfers, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, FirstData, Simplify Commerce, and more than a hundred others.

Works with all your shipping gateways, including USPS, Fedex, UPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, our Table Rate Shipping Pro, and many more!
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  1. WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders 3.4.1

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