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WooCommerce Biometric Login | Fingerprint | Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

WooCommerce Biometric Login | Fingerprint | Web Authentication (WebAuthn) 1.0.3 NULLED

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WooCommerce Biometric Login​

WooCommerce Biometric Login module allows customers to configure their biometric identifications and then use them to login fast & securely on your store without entering any login details. This plugin uses WebAuthn which is a next-generation network authentication technology designed to make network authentication more efficient and secure by replacing the password with USB authenticators, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello compatible cameras and more.

As a user, you don’t have to care about the technical details behind WebAuthn. Just install and enable this plugin and you can experience the latest web authentication technology on your WooCommerce store.

In the past, U2F devices such as USB authenticators were often used as “second-factor authenticators”, which means they were just a second barrier after passwords. Now, with WebAuthn, we can use a larger range of authenticators, including U2F devices, to replace passwords and make the authentication process more efficient without compromising security.

To use WebAuthn, you need to determine if your device supports WebAuthn. The latest version of browsers and operating systems generally support WebAuthn, so consider updating your browser and operating system if you find that you cannot use WebAuthn properly.

Multilingual – WooCommerce Biometric Login​

Admin can use .pot file which is provided within the plugin in the i18n folder from which they can translate the plugin.
1.0.3 NULLEDVersion
3.50 star(s) 2 ratings
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Latest updates

  1. WooCommerce Biometric Login v1.0.3 NULLED

    v 1.0.3 Added compatibility with latest WordPress and WooCommerce. Resolved security issues.

Latest reviews

It does not work on mobile devices that do not have Google and you must necessarily link your device from the web page, it does not allow you to do it from the mobile
It's one of the best biometric verification plugins on the market!

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