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Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO 6.3.2 NULLED

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO.png

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO NULLED - Export your WooCommerce product feed and promote them on popular marketplaces to increase your sales without any effort. Use pre-made merchant templates and advanced filters to generate accurate XML feed in minutes.

Auto-sync your WooCommerce Store with the Google Merchant easily​

Use PFM to auto-sync your WooCommerce store products with your Google Merchant shop. No need to upload product feed manually to Google for every little change on product data. Automate the process and relax.

Extensive Filter Options to generate the right feed​

You can use the smooth filter options to include or exclude the required products of your store to the product feed. You can filter by categories, tags, product filter, or apply custom filters using other attributes.

Merge your WooCommerce categories with Google categories​

Map your product categories to Google's mandatory product categories using the Category mapping feature. No need to change your store's categories to get approved by Google.

Schedule your product feed to update automatically​

Any changes you make to product data, you can set a schedule for your product feed to be updated automatically. You do not need to manually update the product feed every time you make changes to your products.

Include all the required attributes in your feed (GTIN, MPN, Brand, etc)​

WooCommerce does not provide important attribute and identifier fields such as Brand, GTIN MPN, Age Group, etc. But no worries. Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce lets you use the mandatory custom fields to help you create an accurate product feed.

Product Rule feature to rule your feed​

Manipulate your product attribute values to create your perfect WooCommerce product feed. Replace any attribute value with static text or with another attribute value - according to your preferred condition.

Customize your attributes values with the Combined Attribute feature​

Use the Combined Attributes feature to easily customize your product attributes with your WooCommerce data. You can merge as many as attribute values and you can use any separator too.

Dynamic Pricing feature to manipulate your product price​

Use the Dynamic Pricing feature to add, subtract, multiply, or divide any amount with your current Regular Price, Sale Price, etc prices. Use it for complicated math too, for example: [{{price}} * 6 – 10%]
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