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WP Social Ninja Pro - The Best Social Media Plugin

WP Social Ninja Pro - The Best Social Media Plugin 3.13.0 NULLED

3.13.0 ( Date: 11 March, 2024 )
- Added chat widget multi-language support option
- Fixed TripAdvisor reviews fetching issue
- Fixed Airbnb reviews fetching issue
- Fixed Facebook feed popup issue
- Improved sync filter responsiveness based on device
- Resolved conflict with notification popup hide button
3.12.1 ( Date: 11 December, 2023 )
- Hiding the Fluent Form submit button in the Chat Widget when using Fluent Forms as the Channel
- Added chat widget channel labels in chat box template
- Fixed chat widget fluent form overlap issue
- Added a language select option to the chat widget for Multi-language support
3.12.0 ( Date: 27 November, 2023 )
- Integrated WP Social Ninja with WooCommerce, enabling users to select a template from WC product settings to display reviews in the WooCommerce reviews tab.
- Added a brand-new template for Facebook feed.
- Added support for carousel images, comments, and reactions within the Facebook feed popup box.
- Add gallery image support for Facebook feed.
- Introduced a filter option (Display posts with) for Facebook feed.
- Introduced slider gap option.
- Fixed issues related to WooCommerce reviewer avatar and business info display.
- Improved Shoppable Instagram Feed user experience (UX).
- Enhanced feeds popup arrows for better navigation and responsiveness.
- Addressed Google My Business (GMB) locations limit issue.
- Resolved Facebook pages limit issue.
- Add reviews badge template link open in new tab option
- Resolved Booking.com reviews issue.
- Fixed template custom CSS load issue in the header.
- Fixed trustpilot external link empty issue
- Fixed Instagram hashtag limit issue
- Fixed reviews business info image broken url issue
- Fixed Fluent Forms deprecated issue
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3.11.0 ( Date: 26 September, 2023 )
- Added WooCommerce Reviews
- Introduced Managers settings options, allowing the addition of other managers with specific permissions.
- Improve code structure in the Pro version for better performance
- Added support for the Bulgarian date format in Booking.com integration.
- Added an error message for import reviews
- Fixed a style configuration issue on duplicate templates.
- Fixed the Instagram popup image carousel rendering issue.
- Fixed the SEO issue related to the "a" tag in reviews and notification templates.
- Resolved the custom reviews issue with the count of reviews.
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3.10.0 ( Date: 26 July, 2023 )
- Added Optimize Images settings option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings. This feature automatically stores local copies of Instagram feed images on your server.
- Added Instagram Feed GDPR compliant settings option in Settings -> Advanced Settings.
- Added Optimize Images reset option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings.
- Added Optimize Image resolution settings option in Template Editor -> Post -> Images Resolution.
- Added a warning notice in the wp social ninja admin area to alert you about critical issues with your Instagram Feed.
- Added Email notification alerts for critical Instagram Feed issues. You will receive an email notification if there's an unresolved issue with an Instagram feed on your website.
- Added date range filters for Facebook feeds to fetch specific posts based on dates.
- Added custom icon upload option in the chat widget.
- Updated the swiper slider version to address conflicts with the Avada theme, ensuring smoother compatibility.
- Improved rendering of element styles based on element enable/disable.
- Fixed issue with editing button text in the shoppable Instagram Feed.
- Fixed an issue with fetching the number of videos in the YouTube Feed.
- Fixed Notification popup custom && fluent forms platform logo display issue.
- Fixed multiple Google My Business (GMB) accounts auto sync issue.
- Fixed issue with fetching reviews from booking.com business URLs with incorrect country codes.
- Fixed issue with fetching reviews from Amazon business URLs with incorrect country codes.
- Fixed the extra slash issue in the rest route for WPML plugin.
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3.9.1 ( Date: 25 March, 2023 )
Tweak: Instagram and Facebook feed data is permanently deleted from your site after deauthorizing the WP Social Ninja app. Due to Meta's platform requirements, any Meta's platform data on your site must be deleted within a reasonable time after the app has been deauthorized.
Tweak: Facebook and Instagram access tokens are now encrypted in your WordPress database.
3.9.0 ( Date: 30 December, 2022 )
- Add Facebook Event Feed
- Add Facebook Album Feed
- Add total rating and reviews count for fluent forms, custom reviews
- Add custom url option for reviews badge and notification popups
- Add support for PHP 8.1
- Add external urls hide option in reviews settings
- Added date option, title & author spacing option in testimonial module
- Improve Tripadvisor API
- Fix masonry layout column break issue
- Fix reviews business info empty issue
- Fix Instagram Item box CSS issue
- Fix Yelp Php error
- Fix booking dot com date incorrect issue
3.8.0 ( Date: 16 November, 2022 )
- Added Instagram shoppable feed module
- Added responsive slider option
- Added YouTube Feed custom banner upload option
- Added Twitter Item Box style option
- Added filter hook for facebook feed api data limit
- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter feed compatible with siteground cache
- Twitter feed compatible with caching plugins
- Improve facebook and instagram profile header in editor
- Fix web dev errors for chat widget
- Fix permalink issue on facebook feed
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3.7.1 ( Date: 11 October, 2022 )
- Migrate Google my business APP
- Compatible with Godaddy Cache, WP-Optimize Cache , WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize Cache plugin
- Added on-hover tooltip text option for chat widget icons layout
- Added reviews title for amazon, tripadvisor, trustpilot, aliexpress, booking dot com
- Improve platforms page UI
- Improve route reload issue in settings
- Remove Instagram empty media URL feeds from feed object
- Fix oxygen page builder wpsn templates CSS loading in the footer issue
- Fix business info issue
- Fix responsive bar selected device and scroll issue
- Fix Facebook feed incorrect media type issue
- Fix Tripadvisor reviews Unicode text support issue
- Fix Tripadvisor total reviews count
- Fix booking dot com date incorrect issue
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