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WP Grid Builder – Build advanced grid layouts (with Addons)

WP Grid Builder – Build advanced grid layouts (with Addons) 2.0.5 NULLED

Loic Blascos

WP Grid Builder – Create sophisticated grid layouts for your eCommerce, blog, or portfolio with real-time faceted search. With Ease, Create Grids and Carousels. Make your content stand out using Masonry, Justified, or Metro layouts. Each layout type is capable of being included in a responsive carousel. With an easy and attractive admin interface, easily query and display WordPress content based on post types, taxonomy keywords, or users:
  • eCommerce. Products from WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are displayed and filtered.
  • Portfolio. Showcase your work by querying articles or material from your Media Library.
  • Blog. Create sophisticated queries to ensure that your blog articles are shown properly.
  • Resource. Create faceted grids for certain post kinds, taxonomy keywords, or users.
Download WP Grid Builder Addons

Create cards with a robust card maker​

Create and create complex card designs with the help of a powerful card builder. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, create your own cards.
  • Included are almost twenty cards. Gridbuilder comes with over twenty pre-made cards that you may modify to your liking. Additionally, you may design your own cards from scratch.
  • Builder with drag and drop functionality. Create cards for your grids quickly and easily by dragging and dropping or resizing blocks to display post/user/term data or custom HTML.
  • There are over 900 Google Fonts. Set font families for every element in your cards easily using the Google Web Fonts Library. Each card may have several font families.
  • There are over 250 SVG icons. Gridbuilder includes a library of over 250 SVG icons. SVG icons may be easily selected and placed anywhere in your cards. Colors and stroke widths are customizable.
  • Integration of Custom Fields. Custom Fields from WordPress may be shown in your cards. Compatible with the ACF plugin, this extension allows for easy field selection straight from the builder interface.
  • Integration with eCommerce. Add a shopping button, pricing, rating stars, or sale/stock badges to your cards for goods from WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Support for Post Formats. Gridbuilder supports the following post types: image, video, audio, and gallery. Videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia are all supported.
  • Support for Social Sharing. Share your posts directly from your grids on the world's most popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Advanced filtering mechanism for WP Grid Builder​

Search using Facets. Intelligent content filtering system that displays only relevant information to consumers. Allow users to filter search results using various filter parameters.
  • 20+ Different Facet Types. Gridbuilder has a total of twenty different facet kinds, including checkboxes, radio buttons, selections, sliders, ratings, load more buttons, and reset buttons.
  • Ajax-Based. Asynchronously filter information quickly and effectively without requiring page refreshes. Gridbuilder WP optimizes speed by using custom Ajax Endpoints.
  • History of the browser. Create unique URLs for each faceted search automatically. To browse through the history of search results, use the back and forward buttons.
  • Integration of Custom Fields. Utilize WordPress Custom Fields to filter your content. Compatible with the ACF plugin, this extension allows for easy field selection straight from the plugin interface.
  • Integration with eCommerce. With the WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugins, you can easily filter by price, average rating, sale status, and stock status.
    Table of Contents. Facets are automatically indexed and saved in a custom table upon creation, which improves filtering speed and provides more flexibility.
    Friendly to developers. Utilize facets on their own, without the grid or card features. This feature is intended for developers and needs knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS.

WP Grid Builder includes add-ons​

Grid Builder has add-ons that enable you to expand the plugin's capabilities and go even farther based on your needs:
  • Meta Box. This add-on enables the Meta Box plugin. WP Grid Builder is compatible with WordPress custom fields natively. However, if you use a specialized custom fields plugin, such as Meta Box, the values may be stored in such a manner that more processing is required to effectively filter the information. This add-on supports all field types produced by the Meta Box plugin and simplifies the process of filtering content regardless of the complexity of the field. You may, for example, filter using a cloneable multiple select field included inside a group.
  • Oxygen. This extension connects the WP Grid Builder to the Oxygen plugin. It adds two additional components to the Oxygen builder, allowing the editor to quickly create grids and facets. In contrast to shortcodes, these components are displayed in the editor. The look of the facets may be completely changed using the Oxygen builder. It enables the separation of various elements from Oxygen. Additionally, this add-on enhances filtering performance. This will be quicker than creating custom searches and filtering archive results manually.
  • Elementor. This add-on combines the WP Grid Builder plugin with the Elementor page builder. It includes two new Elementor widgets (free and pro) that make it simple to add grids and facets to the editor. In contrast to shortcodes, these widgets are displayed in the editor. The look of facets may be completely changed using the Elementor editor. It includes a filter widget for Elementor Pro. Additionally, it integrates facet and grid widgets into Elementor Pro popups.
  • Multilingual. This add-on extends the functionality of the Polylang and WPML plugins. WP Grid Builder is compatible with the Polylang and WPML plugins natively. However, grids, cards, and facets must be created for each language (like for posts). This add-on ensures that grids and facets are queried in the appropriate language on your websites. This implies that you may build a single grid, facet, or card to manage all languages specified on your site. Additionally, you will be able to translate all WP Grid Builder strings worldwide straight from the Polylang and WPML interfaces.
  • LearnDash. This add-on primarily adds additional blocks to the card builder for the LearnDash plugin. Easily include information about the course development, the number of steps, or the cost of the course on your cards. While WP Grid Builder can show and filter LearnDash courses natively, this add-on enables you to simply display course details.
  • Caching. By caching material and facets, you may reduce loading time while filtering grids or templates. By saving requested information in a custom table, the caching add-on improves speed.
  • Facet of the Map. Create filterable facets for maps from Google Maps, Mapbox, or Leaflet. This add-on enables the display of markers on a map (posts, terms, or users) based on their longitude and latitude coordinates. When panning the map, it may selectively filter the content. Additionally, this add-on provides a Geolocation facet that enables you to search for and filter results based on a location using the Google or Mapbox APIs. Additionally, the current user's location may be determined using the browser Geolocation API (the user's location can be estimated using the user's IP).

WP Grid Builder Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. Is it necessary for me to have coding skills? Certainly not! Grids, cards, and facets may all be configured completely through a simple and powerful administration interface. No prior knowledge of coding is needed.
  2. Gridbuilder is compatible with any theme? Gridbuilder is compatible with any theme that adheres to WordPress's requirements.
  3. Gridbuilder is compatible with Gutenberg? Certainly! Gridbuilder comes with two blocks for Gutenberg: grid and facet. Additionally, you may utilize shortcodes to add grids and facets to your sites.
  4. Is Gridbuilder compatible with Page Builders? Yes, you can display grids and facets using shortcodes in your preferred page builder. Additionally, the plugin integrates with the Elementor and Oxygen plugins.
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