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Widget Options - Extended

Widget Options - Extended 5.1.6 NULLED

Widget Options Team
Extended Widget Options.png

The #1 WordPress Widget Control Plugin​

Widget Options is the best WordPress widget control plugin. We built our plugin to make it the world’s most complete and user-friendly WordPress widget management plugin.

Take Full Control over your WordPress Widgets

Widget Options is the best WordPress widget control plugin yet. Below are the features that make Widget Options the world’s most complete and user-friendly WordPress widget management plugin.

Pages Visibility Options​

Easily show or hide widgets on specific WordPress Pages via checkbox options elegantly integrated on each widget, no coding required.

Devices Visibility Options​

Time to limit sidebar contents on mobile devices! Using Widget Options you can show or hide any widgets on mobile, tablet and/or desktop. Finally, you can now display different sidebar contents for every device!

Custom Alignment​

In need of better widget content alignment for each widget? You can set different custom alignment for each device at ease using Widget Options.

Widget Logic​

Geeky enough to use custom PHP conditions? Display Widget Logic is also integrated and you don’t need to add separate Widget Logic plugin. Get them all done.

Responsive Columns​

Assign widgets as column, no need to register separate sidebars for each column. Using Widget Options you will only need one sidebar widget and easily assign columns for each widget content.

User Roles Restriction​

Show or hide widgets per user role! You can now serve different sidebar contents for your site visitors and members. Time to give more importance on your registered customers.

Widget Styling​

Make your widget standout from the rest with custom styling options. Let your visitors easily spot the most important widgets. Time to get more attention on your newsletter widgets!

Days & Dates Visibility​

Show or hide WordPress widgets on given date range or specific days using Widget Options. You can now run promotions, deals and ads on widgets; and automatically hide them when the promotion ends.

Widget ID & Classes​

In need to add custom widget id and classes? There’s no need for additional plugin or custom coding for that. Now, you can easily add them via Widget Options.

Widget Animations​

Catch more user attention by adding widget animations when user scrolls on the page and the widget enters the screen or at page load.

Sticky / Fixed Widgets​

Make your special widgets sticky on user scroll to get better attention and won't lose visibility until scrolls on the bottom of your page or defined element.

Custom Widget Links​

Link widgets internally or any custom url when user clicks on it. Easily target to new tab and/or add nofollow attributes for SEO purposes.

Post Types Visibility​

Effortlessly show or hide widgets from each custom post type using this plugin. You can now serve relevant sidebar contents for each post type.

Taxonomy & Terms Support​

Automatically show or hide widgets from each taxonomy and term aside from post types. You perfectly have full control over your widgets with this option.


Easily display any widgets and sidebars on pages, posts, products or anywhere on your site using shortcodes; and re-use them everywhere you want!

Clone Widgets​

Duplicate WordPress widgets easily and assign them to any sidebar widget area. With this feature you can manage your widgets better!

Move Widgets​

In need to move widgets without the use of drag and drop feature? Now you can move and assign widgets to any sidebar widget area.

Hide Widget Title​

Hide widget title easily via checkbox! No need for PHP snippets to restrict title visibility on any WordPress widgets.

Widget Importer & Exporter​

Import and Export WordPress Widgets in just a few clicks. Easily create backups and migrate to other installations.

Target URL & Wildcards​

Manage widget visibilities per target URL or use * for wildcard restrictions support. Use this if you prefer URL than widget logic.

Per Widget Area Backup​

Create sidebar widget area backups directly on the widgets dashboard. Backed-up json files can easily be imported too!

Widget Cache​

Speed up your site loading time by caching WordPress widget output! Cache them all for better performance or exclude any widget you want.

Live Search Filter​

Improve the way you are using admin widget dashboard by using live search filters for widgets and sidebars! User experience at its best!

Pagebuilder Ready​

Extend your Elementor or SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered websites and manage your widgets more to get better results; and control over each widget panel!
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