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Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder System

Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder System 2.2.0 NULLED

Date : February 28th, 2024
Version: 2.2.0

[fixed] cashfree payment api issue fix
[fixed] seller service api issue fix
[fixed] api service filter issue fix
[fixed] subscription payment issue fix

[added] Wallet Settings added
[added] Apple social login added
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Date : November 25, 2023
Version: 1.8.0

In this update we have removed few old design page builder addon, to make the qixer ui change further.
[added] subscription in admin panel tax amount and admin Total Earning count showing
[added] update online service addon
[added] subscription issue fix , admin dashboard update

[removed] remove 4 headers
[removed] remove service addon 1
[fixed] category addon service wise count fix
[fixed] header issue fix
[fixed] buyer and seller password change date issue fix
[fixed] live chat list api issue fix
[fixed] service add issue fix and Feature, Popular servic issue fix
[fixed] filter issue fix in service list page
[fixed] price plan payment renew issue fix
[fixed] new update for check price plan issue fix
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Date : October 22, 2023

Version: 1.7.0

[fixed] Job Details Page Design Issue Fix
[fixed] Service List Page Filtering Issue Fix
[fixed] Admin User Edit Page Modal Name Issue Fix
[fixed] Category Image Alignment Issue Fix
[fixed] Order Email Template Issue Fix
[fixed] Job Request Email Template Issue Fix
[fixed] Order Invoice Issue Fix
[fixed] OTP Country Restriction Issue Fix
[fixed] Category Image Alignment Issue Fix

[New] Generate Sitemap
[New] Add Sub-Category Addon in Footer Widgets Area
[New] Header Addon Background Color Change Option
[New] Social Login Option in Register Page
[New] Admin OTP Send and OTP Verify for Sellers
[New] Admin Set Seller Service Location with Google Map
[New] Admin Add Seller
[New] Admin Login User Account
[New] Admin Notice Add
[New] Order Invoice Settings
[New] Admin Set Default Country
[New] Subcategory Not Required Option for Service Addition by Seller and Admin
[New] Seller Tax Number Add
[New] Add New Addon for All Seller Page with Search Option
Date : 31th July 2023

Version: 1.6.0

[added] New Home Page Design Added
[added] GEO Location support added
[added] SMS OTP support added
[added] New UI added in Service Booking page
[added] Geo location based search option added
[added] Geo location based autocomplete location support added in order booking page

[fixed] subscription page issue fixed
[fixed] subscription payment free package renew multiple time within a month issue resolved, now can not take more than once a month, only able to renew before 2days of expiration
[fixed] Billplz payment gateway issue fixed
[fixed] Manu untracked bugs fixed
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Date : 2nd June 2023

Version: 1.5.0

[added] new ui added for seller/buyer panel
[added] enable/disable option added for seller/buyer panel ui
[added] new mobile app api added
[added] mobile app improvements
[added] service add and footer widget menu add widget added
[added] interactive service adding/editing/update option added
[added] added support for description in category/sub category/child category
[added] allow duplicate mobile number register
[added] user online/offline mode support added for live chat
[added] improve SEO markup in many places
[added] seller job request list, job image url support added in api..
[added] buyer job controller job image url support added in api
[added] account delete api added
[added] add pagination support in user my-orders page api
[added] buyer job request list -> added seller info data api
[added] added support for already applied message in all jobs list api
[added] jobs list , image url support added
[added] admin commission api support added
[added] added job image and buyer info support to seller job request list api.
[added] my order sending now as descending orders
[added] added check in service details api, that user is logged in or not..
[added] added seller image support in buyer job request list api..
[added] create support ticket for seller api added
[added] automatic update support added
[added] latest security fixed by Laravel
[added] updated to Laravel 9 latest version

[fixed] fixed renew subscription showing blank screen
[fixed] live chat issue fixed
[fixed] job edit page validation error issue fixed
[fixed] job request page 500 error fixed
[fixed] subscription expired sending mail everydate issue fixed
[fixed] job apply page 500 error fixed
[fixed] fix my orders page sorting api issues
[fixed] chat http class missing issue fixed
[fixed] fix date timestamp issue in single order api route
[fixed] date to timestam conver in my-orders api
[fixed] error fix for my-order date timestamp api
[fixed] fix search area api error issue
[fixed] update attirbute , extra service decline, job request list issue fixed
[fixed] search api issue fixed
[fixed] extra service order api issue fixed
Date : 30 January 2023

Version: 1.4.5

[added] added meta data option of category
[added] added meta data option of sub category
[added] added meta data option of child category
[added] Service List Addon Filtering Country, City, Area, text search add
[added] Service List Addon Filtering Show/Hide option add
[added] Search service country, city, area add and on/off option in addon
[added] Home Page Header Search service country, city, area add and Show/Hide option in addon
[added] Add Service benifits issue fix
[added] Add Service Attributes (FAQ validation issue fix )
[added] Service FAQ Delete Option Add
[added] (Start As Seller, Start As Seller 2) content show/hide option add and addon image issue fix
[added] Admin user wallet add
[added] conversation page responsive issue fix
[added] About page addon text-area add and content show/hide option add
[added] All orders page Active, Delivery, completed, cancel page mobile responsive title issue fix
[added] Todo list design issue fix
[added] Child category show page add
[fixed] Buyer Job post hire cash on delivery payment gateway issue fix
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Date : 10 January 2023

Version: 1.4.3

[added] wallet addon api added
[added] now when admin delete a user , system will delete everything related to that user
[improvements] improve loading time of user page in admin panel
[improvement] remove apply now button from job details page for buyer
[improvement] copyright addon now support dynamic property for year and copyright symbol
[fixed] home page, profile page, services, jobs select issue solved
Date : 24 December 2022

Version: 1.4.2

[added] add option use local fonts instead of google fonts
[added] Buyer cannot delete their account. Must be possible as this is required by law in Europe. (GDPR)
[added] seller cannot delete their account, they can only Deactivate Account. Both options must be possible as this is required by law in Europe. (GDPR)
[added] add the option of a child category?
[added] new api support is added for report, wallet and many other improvement for mobile app
[added] push notification settings added, for add your own pusher/firebase credentials

[improvement] make job image field optional
[improvement] seller/admin panel attribute offline/online convert in services

[fixed] did not show categories if it inactive in backend
[fixed] translation issue fixed in many places
[fixed] select search space not working issue fixed
[fixed] register page area/cities not working issue fixed
[fixed] user email verify template issue fixed
[fixed] wallet active/inactive not working issue solved
Date : 23 November 2022

Version: 1.3.9

[added] Report Conversation between admin and seller (on order report)
[added] Report Conversation between admin and buyer(on order report)
[added] Seller connect will be reduce for each job apply. (if the subscription system enable)
[added] Order complete request send with image file (earlier only request)
[added] Order complete request history show both order details and history page
[added] Order will be cancel only the payment type cash on delivery (if payment status pending)
[added] If the payment status completed than the order will automatically active.
[added] Email template added for all emails.
[added] Service history (how many times services editte by seller with description).
[added] Report history
[added] Category service only show if the category status active.
[added] In admin panel all job requests show with conversation
[added] Admin can see buyer and seller conversation details in admin panel while. (job post order)
[added] Order extra service add in invoice
[added] Seller can buy subscription using his current balance[wallet addon]
[added] Seller can buy subscription using his wallet balance [wallet addon]
[added] Buyer can placed his order using wallet balance [wallet addon]
[added] email template editor added, where you can change content of each individual email template of this script
[added] admin can enable/disable buyer/seller login in frontend
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