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Point of Sale (POS) | Cash Register | Offline Order

PrestaShop Point of Sale (POS) | Cash Register | Offline Order 5.3.0


A web-based POS solution to manage multiple physical stores and synchronize them to your online store. Sales agents can search products by scanning barcodes, place orders, manage customers, process offline orders.

1. MultiShop
The module is compatible with PrestaShop multi-shop feature.

2. Quick Checkout Process
Connect your POS system to the barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer to complete the checkout in a few clicks. Improve the shopping experience in your offline stores with a fast checkout service.

3. Offline Orders
Our POS system provides the functionality to process the orders even in an offline mode. Sales agents can view all the orders processed offline under a separate tab. Once the internet connection is restored, the offline orders are automatically synced to online orders.

4. Hold Order
During checkout, a sales agent can put a cart on hold in case a customer wishes to check some other products and start a new cart.

5. Custom Product
Suppose a customer has selected an item and that item has not been added to the POS system yet. Don't let your customers wait, add the product to the cart in a run time with a custom product feature. Sales agents can add custom product in POS by filling name, price, and quantity.

6. Search Products Easily
Your sales agents can easily find the products via product name, product id, EAN, or UAN. Or the sales agent can simply scan the barcode and the extension will automatically search the product.

7. Products & categories
A sales agent can view all the products assigned to the POS outlet by scrolling on the POS panel. On the top of the panel, all the store categories are displayed. View the child categories and products assigned to these categories.

8. Flexible Payments / Split Payment
Prestashop Point of Sale System offers multiple payment methods such as cash, credit/debit card, and cheque. Also, a customer can make a split payment. For example, a customer can pay some amount via cash and the remaining amount by debit card.

9. Dedicated Dashboard
A statistical dashboard is available in the Prestashop back office to analyze the performance of each POS outlet. With a report dashboard, you can track the daily, weekly, and monthly sales of a POS outlet.

10. Return/Exchange
Help your customer easily return/exchange products (orders) purchased from your physical shop.

11. Guest Checkout
Some customers don't prefer sharing their personal information. In that case, you can set up a default email id and use it for placing guest orders.
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