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Page Builder CK Params

Page Builder CK Params 3.2.2

Page Builder CK.png

Create your content easily with drag and drop and many predefined elements without effort. You can create your custom pages using accordions, tabs, icons, and styles them like you want with the styling interface.


  • Full Drag'n Drop interface
  • Direct preview in the interface (Real preview)
  • Columns styling without code
  • Lightweight frontend page
  • Front end edition
  • Easy Google Font selection
  • Collection of icons from Font Awesome (about 600 icons)
  • Backup automatically up to 6 versions of your page and restore them instantly
  • Page Builder CK Module to create a page where you want in any position of your template
  • Image upload with drag and drop from your computer
  • Online library of predefined elements
  • Button to undo / redo your actions
  • Save and reuse your favorites styles
  • Inline edition in your text
  • Compatible with Tinymce and JCE to edit your text with a full editor
  • Multiples options to set animations
  • Works natively in your articles, compatible with : ACL, multilanguage, blog display...
  • Advanced responsive options on any elements : custom resolution values, show / hide / stack your elements
  • You can create your own library of elements (add-ons) to drag and drop in any page
  • CSS compilation option to merge all css in one file for SEO
  • Nested rows
  • Parallax effect
  • Front Edition direclty in the template (compatible with Template Creator CK)
  • Custom media folder for each user
Don't hesitate to share you experience on the forum to make it even better.

Library of elements​

Choose any element and add it to your content in 1 click. Then you can edit it and change any style, or photo.

Module Page Builder CK to put your content everywhere​

There is also a module called Page Builder CK that is automatically installed with the package. You can use this module to put your content anywhere in your page, and not only in the main content area. Create as many modules as you want and create your content with drag'n drop directly in the module admin like in the component.

Direct edition in your articles​

From your Joomla! article you can switch to the page builder editor by clicking the button. It will nicely replace your editor and you can create your content directly into your article.

Else, you can use the Page Builder CK editor button to directly

- Create a new page and add it to the article
- Add an existing page and add it to the article using a tag
- Manage the tags inserted into the article and edit directly the pages in a popup

Frontend Edition​

You can edit your page in the frontend of your website. No need to spend your time between multiple windows (admin and front), just login in the frontend and edit your article and page directly there.

You will access the article edition using the native Joomla! ACL.

Inline edition of your texts​

Do you need to update your text ? No need to open any popup, just click on it and write ! You will gain a lot of time and effort to create your content.

Full editor available​

If you don't want to use the inline edition and get a full editor, you can open the edition of your text in a fullwidth popup and use the full power of your editor (also using the editor buttons with Tinymce).

Advanced layout and columns​

You can create advanced page layout and give a custom value to your columns in %. Create any number of column and set the width yourself with ease.

You can choose how many number of columns to use, like 2, 5, 11 ...like you want !

Responsive settings​

Set exactly what you want to do and how do you want your elements to react according to the resolutions.

You can use the component options to setup the resolution values and adapt them to your needs.

On each row, column and item you can choose if you want to show / hide it for any resolution and also if you want to align or stack your elements.

Media Manager​

Use the fast Media manager integrated, where you can easily navigate through your folders and select your images. You can also upload an image by drag and drop and create instantly a folder where you want
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