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One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp

PrestaShop One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp 8.0.4


Get rid of a lengthy checkout process and allow your customers to complete their purchase quickly by incorporating the One Page Checkout on your PrestaShop website. Reduces your cart abandonment rate and significantly improves conversions.

Encourages Quick Checkout
Prestashop One Page Checkout transforms the conventional multi-step checkout process into a convenient one-step checkout. It puts all the checkout fields on a single page, hence providing a quick and hassle-free checkout experience to your customers.

Reduces Cart Abandonment
Eliminate clunky elements from your checkout and minimize the possibilities of cart abandonment. Prestashop One Page Checkout lets you customize your checkout fields as per your requirements to make them clean and appealing. A complicated checkout is one of the foremost reasons for cart abandonment, as per Baymard Institute.

Increases Conversion Rate
PrestaShop One Step Checkout enhances the user experience and boosts your conversions. The flawless and user-friendly One Page Checkout ensures that shoppers do not find a troublesome experience on the checkout page and can make a purchase comfortably.

Increases Average Order Value
The latest update of the One Page Checkout module helps merchants to increase the average order value. Wondering how? Well, you can now place a free shipping banner on the checkout page which displays how much more does a user needs to shop for, to be eligible for free shipping. It is displayed as a progress bar.

Build a Community of Businesses and Individual Customers
With the use of PrestaShop One Page Checkout on your store, you will be able to form groups and communities of business and individual(customer) profiles. This way you can promote your product and run deals separately. Marketing campaigns will become more focused after the addition of this new feature.

What’s New:

Custom Profile Type field:
The admin can add a drop-down menu or radio buttons for users to choose their profile type.

Create profile types like:
  • Business
  • Client
  • Individual
Show total price: Admin can show the total prices with tax, without tax or both.

Custom fields: The admin can enable the option to show the custom fields in the invoice.

Validation for CIF/DNI/NIF:
The store owner can now enable validation for CIF/DNI/NIF on the checkout page of his store.

Abandoned Checkout Statistics: In the configuration tabs, there is one newly added feature i.e. Abandoned checkout statistics through which the admin gets an in-depth analysis of the abandoned cart details as well as the order details. It puts in front a clear picture regarding how much revenue is lost on abandoned carts and how much revenue is generated through complete orders generated by the customers. All this is provided in a graphical format.

Checkout Behaviour Report: PrestaShop simplified checkout addon now offers an additional feature through which the admin can track the behavior of the customers who abandoned their carts while they were checking out. It tells how many fields were filled by them.
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Latest updates

  1. SuperCheckout v8.0.4

    Version 8.0.4 - 9/18/2023 PrestaShop compatibility: - Security Fixes
  2. One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp Supercheckout v8.0.2

    What's New in Version 8.0.2(02/13/2023) Minor Bug Fixes.
  3. One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp Module v8.0.1

    What's New in Version 8.0.1(01/04/2023) Minor Bug Fixes.

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