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Novashare - WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Novashare - WordPress Social Sharing Plugin 1.4.8 NULLED

= 1.4.8 - 01.31.2024 =
* Added new Custom option to Follow Button block along with controls to add your own inline SVG HTML and background color.
* Added new Pinterest option to Always Show image pin buttons instead of only on hover.
* Added additional Pinterest image pin styles to help with compatibility when placed inside aligned containers.
* Fixed an issue with image pin button links not working with relative URLs.
* Fixed an issue in the plugin settings UI where textarea inputs were not sizing down correctly.
= 1.4.6 - 10.18.2023 =
* Added Mastodon network support for Share and Follow Buttons.
* Added Threads network support for Follow Buttons.
* Updated Pinterest recommended image size in post meta options.
* Fixed an issue where the share window call to action was printing twice when set to a custom string.
* Fixed a PHP warning from meta.php that was showing up on the comment edit screen.
* Added the Novashare Migrator to work with latest AJAX changes to the settings UI.
= 1.4.5 - 09.18.2023 =
* Reworked the majority of the UI to use WordPress AJAX to save data and perform plugin actions.
* Updated Twitter branding to X.
* Fixed an issue where duplicate images on a page were getting Pinterest image hover buttons applied multiple times.
* Fixed an issue where the main stylesheet was not getting loaded when using the Full Site Editor.
* Fixed an issue where the Click to Post block was not showing up on a fresh install of the plugin.
= 1.4.0 - 03.22.2023 =
* Updated the multisite network settings page to match the new UI.
* Added alt tags to Pinterest hidden images to fix validation issue.
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= 1.3.9 - 03.15.2023 =
* Updated plugin settings UI. Completely overhauled admin header and navigation. Made additional improvements to various elements (icons, buttons, toggles, etc.).
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= 1.3.8 - 02.13.2023 =
* Replaced all uses of .novashare- class prefixes to .ns- in front facing CSS to improve performance. (minified stylesheet reduced by 20%).

**IMPORTANT:** Due to the majority of all Novashare CSS classes being changed, we recommend that you clear all cache layers (Unused/Critical CSS, server cache, CDN cache) after updating. Any custom code related to Novashare buttons will also need to be updated. Please reach out if you have any questions. We're happy to help.
* Added new novashare_pinterest_hidden_images filter.
* Added notice to plugin update row if there is not an active license key.
* Updated license key field to prevent it from getting auto-filled by browser extensions.
= 1.3.6 - 01.05.2023 =
* Switched to using CSS variables for various network colors to improve performance. (minified stylesheet reduced by 19%)
* Additional stylesheet refactoring to help further reduce file size.
* Added new Pinterest Share Button Behavior option to Show Pinterest Images only.
* Fixed an issue where the Novashare JavaScript would not get enqueued properly if only using a shortcode on a URL.
* Fixed an SEO warning that was showing up in relation to the copy button link not being crawlable.
* Fixed a PHP error that could happen in a specific settings configuration.
* Added support for Social Warware post meta to the Novashare Migrator.
= 1.3.4 - 09.23.2022 =
* Added new Inline Content option to Show in Feeds.
* Added new novashare_inline filter.
* Added new novashare_floating filter.
* Added new novashare_short_link_url filter.
* Added support for {{network}} variable to all UTM parameter fields.
* Fixed an issue where inline shortcode was not printing if global post type was not selected.
* Fixed a PHP warning being generated in certain instances when global $post data was not available.
* Increased site limit in dropdowns on network settings page.
* Added new Follow Buttons Block, which allows you to quickly add and customize follow buttons for your social network profiles anywhere on your site (via the Block Editor, Customizer, or Widgets screen).
* Increased popup window size for LinkedIn for better usability.