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MarketKing - Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin WooCommerce

MarketKing - Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin WooCommerce 1.9.60

Version 1.9.60 - MarketKing Core and Pro - June 2nd, 2024
- Make products of vendors on vacation completely unpurchasable
- Fixed bug with booking products showing twice on vendor dashboard
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
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Version 1.7.80 - MarketKing Core and Pro - October 4th, 2023
New features:

- Product Advertising: https://woocommerce-multivendor.com/docs/product-advertising/


- Added option to auto-include new vendor products to coupons.

- UI Enhancements


- Fixed select coloring issue in backed admin

- Minor bug and issue fixes
Version 1.4.55 - MarketKing Core and Pro - December 26th, 2022
- Added feature that allows making specific shipping methods admin-only
(in MarketKing -> Settings -> Vendor Capabilities)
- Better currency handling in vendor dashboard

- Fixed bug where payouts template could not be overwritten.
- Fixed license activation issues
- Fixed jQuery sortable JS error
- Fixed issue where product ownership could get mixed across admin users, leading to wrong split orders
- Fixed issue where sub-orders could not be completed because of payment capture errors.
- Fixed issue where tinymce editor did not load with flatsome theme
- Performance fix for site backend
- Fixed issue where products could not be added by a vendor to their own store if not purchasable
- Fixed membership packs bug where not all packs would be dispalyed
- Fixed attributes import issue
- Fixed payouts page error bug

Template Changes:
- Fix for reviews in store-page.php template
- Update memberships template to 1.0.1
Version 1.4.25 - MarketKing Core and Pro - November 4th, 2022
- Vendors can now display youtube videos on their about us page.
- Improvements to store url verification during registration
- Product slugs are now based on product names

- Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
- Error fix when submitting reviews
- Error fix related to REST API
- Fixed bug where team members were not able to add new products
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Version 1.4.0 - MarketKing Core and Pro - October 12th, 2022New Features:
- Added 'Store Categories' module, allowing you to organize vendors by custom defined categories:

- Added setting that allows existing users to apply for a vendor account
(setting in MarketKing -> Settings -> Registration)
- Added option for admin to receive all tax
- Tax now visible to vendors in orders table when vendor receives tax
- Improvements to profile icons in bars and messages

- Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
- Fixed product import issue with SKU
- Update with fix for Coupon creation in latest WooCommerce 6.9.4 version

Template changes:
- stores-list.php updated to 1.0.2 (adds support for store categories module)
- store-page.php updated to 1.1.5 (adds support for store categories module)
- sidebar.php (adds support for store categories module)
- profile-sidebar.php updated to 1.0.1 (improvements to profile icons)
- orders.php updated to 1.0.1 (adds support for tax options)
- header-bar.php updated to 1.0.2
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Version 1.3.10 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 15th, 2022
New Features:
- Added ability to control allowed tags by group

- Styling improvements

- Adds support for WooCommerce 6.9.1 - fixes issue with product type dropdown.
- Fixed issue with displaying 'Store Reviews' backend page in Woo 6.7 and above.
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New Features:
- Introduced Stripe Connect Split Pay Gateway
- Added 'Clone Product' option in vendor dashboard for easier product creation
- Integration with QR Codes plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/qr-code-woocommerce/

- Added caching to plugin dashboard data for faster backend performance
- Dashboard UI improvements
- Improved handling of bonus payments
- Attributes can now be configured without saving the product first

- Bug and error fixes
- Fixed dashboard and reports chart draw errors
- Compatibility fix with Flatsome theme
- Fixed commission error related to partial refunds
- No longer possible to make withdrawal requests exceeding balance
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New Features:
- New module: Shipping Tracking - Vendors can add shipping packages.
Supports DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Royal Mail, USPS, etc. and custom tracking URLs.
- Added compatibility with WebToffee Invoicing plugin, supporting invoices, packing slips,
shipping labels, etc.

- Improved compatibility with WOOCS in vendor dashboard
- Added [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode, that allows showing a specific group of vendors (or all).
Usage example: [marketking_vendors_list group=862]
- Added support for additional code hooks
- Added support for selected HTML tags in vendor about us page.
- Store list and individual store pages templates can now be copied and edited directly
under the theme (or child theme) folder
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