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Cookies Policy Notification Bar

Cookies Policy Notification Bar 4.2.4

Cookies Policy Notification Bar.jpg

A GDPR Ready beautiful and functional EU Cookie Law Compliance Joomla! Plugin

Inform your visitors elegantly about how you use cookies on your website. This GDPR Joomla! Extension provides you with plenty of features and parameters that will make the visitors feel safe and your website more trustworthy by giving them the appropriate control of the cookies settings.


Store the consent of the users into the Database
Always according to the GDPR Rules! Record and store the agreement of the visitors, which is not considered personal data, by keeping only the user IP Address and the date/time of acceptance and be GDPR compliant by all means. In some EU countries (e.g. Italy) the IP addresses should NOT be stored into the database, but only the consent. You can choose if you want to disable the IP storing.

Advanced Cookies Manager & GDPR Ready!
This functionality allows the users to accept or decline specific categories of cookies according to their preferences. They have control and can change their cookies settings anytime. Let the users decide if they want to accept or decline the cookies on the browser. After the acceptance, the users can delete the cookies from their browser if needed by using the shortcode functionality which can be displayed in any of your articles or modules.

Manage the Categories of Cookies
You can insert as many categories of cookies you want. We’ve added four default categories but you can replace them with yours.

Block Cookies by blocking their Javascript Code
Assign the JavaScript code in a cookie category and let the user decide which category will accept. You can block the JavaScript code from 3rd party services like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Hotjar, and other services that use cookies. Place the full JavaScript code of each cookie category in the textarea field. The javascript code (with its cookies) will not be displayed in the page source if the user does not click the accept button.

Full control of the Cookies Manager (Modal Window)
In the plugin settings you can enable/disable the modal window functionality, change the cookies manager icon, and choose if you want to show it to the logged in users. You can open the Cookies Manager (modal window) by clicking on a custom link, on a button or an image.

Shortcode Functionality
Display a table with the accepted website cookies and allow the users to reconsider or delete the cookies from their browser. (Example of the shortcode: {cookiesinfo}).

Multilingual Support
If you host a multilingual website, no worries! You can manage and translate the message on the notification bar, the text buttons, the confirmation alerts, and other text strings for each of your active languages.

GeoIP2 Web Service
Display the notification bar only in specific Continents and Countries.

Include or Exclude the plugin from selected pages
Display the cookies notification bar only on specific pages, according to your website’s needs.

Cookie Expiration Time
Set the time that the cookie expires. For example, by entering 365, you set the cookie to expire in 365 days. If set to 0, the cookie will expire when the browser closes.

Message & Texts
Choose the message and the texts you want to appear in the notification bar. HTML is allowed to have a wider range of possibilities.

7 Styling Positions
Choose the perfect position of Cookies Policy Notification Bar – Joomla! Plugin, according to your website’s design parameters. There are seven available positions, Top, Bottom, Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.

Cookies Policy Notification Bar – Joomla! plugin offers you 3 Options for the “More Info” button
Choose to display the “More Info” action in the following ways: 1) Custom link, 2) Link to a menu item, 3) Modal window with your Custom Text.

Set the time that your message is going to appear on the visitor’s screen (in seconds). After this time, the notification bar will disappear.

Animate Duration
Display your message with animation that will last a specific amount of time that you can change in the Joomla! plugin’s settings.

Set the limit of the times the notification bar will appear on the screen if the visitor does not click on the button. The «limit» parameter, in the Base Settings, is displayed only if the «Block Cookies» parameter is disabled.

Set the styling that suits your website’s appearance and brand identity. (You can use type codes, such as #fff or #ff0000, or words, like green, red, blue etc.)

We offer styling for all buttons
Set the font and the background color of each button, for the default appearance or the on-mouse-hover action.

Custom CSS
Make Cookies Policy Notification Bar – Joomla! Plugin by entering your custom CSS code.

Custom JavaScript
Set the tone of Cookies Policy Notification Bar – Joomla! Plugin on your website by entering your custom JavaScript code.

Body Cover & Locked Overlay
Choose if you want to allow the notification bar to cover the body of the page, to be easier for the user to choose their cookies settings before entering the content of your website. You can decide for the body of the page to be locked until the user Accepts or Decline the cookies policy of your website.

Confirmation alerts
Enable the confirmation alerts for each button separately. In “Base Settings” you can find the Confirmation Alerts, for the “Accept”, “Decline”, and “Delete” button.

Always Display (for Debugging)
This feature is mostly used by admins in the first steps of setup and customizations. When activating this option, the cookies’ notification bar will be displayed even if the user accepts or declines.

Why is it crucial to have a GDPR Joomla! Extension?​

On 26 May 2011, the European Commission made the controversial ‘Cookies Directive’ law. It applies to the UK and all European countries. It mandates that the use of cookies on European business websites must be disclosed and explicit consent for their use be obtained from your users, however in the UK the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has suggested that it is sufficient to work based on implied rather than explicit consent.
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