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Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for Woocommerce

Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for Woocommerce 2.1.3


Easily bulk edit any WooCommerce product fields and meta values. Create and schedule bulk edit jobs.

It is easy to edit the title or image of one or two products in a store. But what if you need to do the bulk edit to a massive number of products? Maybe you need to modify the same products over and over again, it needs to be updated every day as a recurring change in some product properties or a change in the product prices for a particular time period. Our time is important, and this tedious task will exhaust our time.

In such situations, it is not convenient to do the unending editing process day by day on individual products. And there, Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes plugin will help you to make this onerous task easily and quickly. The plugin works for Simple, Variable & External Products.

Bulk Edit Product Prices

Set the regular price as well as sale price adjustments for a group of products by increasing, decreasing, or even replacing the old price with a new value. You can apply more editing along with it such as setting time duration for offering those products at a discount or on offer.

Bulk Edit Product Categories

Introduce a new category of products on your store, and set them under that category just in one click to add it, remove an existing category if you are planning to stop selling them, as well as switch all the products that come under a particular category to another category.

Bulk Edit Attributes of Variable Products

Interchange one global product attribute value with another value for multiple products in bulk. You can add new global attribute values or remove the existing ones seamlessly. Also, overwrite existing attribute values with new values, and effortlessly remove one or more custom product attributes in bulk.

Create Variations in Bulk

Create new variations for each and every possible combination of global and custom attributes of selected variable products in just one click.

Bulk Edit Any Product Fields​

You can bulk edit as many products as you want in just one step and edit fields such as SKU, Stock, Regular Price, Sale Price, Weight, Height, etc.

Bulk Delete Products

Clean up all the unnecessary products you are not selling, or temporarily stop selling because of its stock availability issues or any other issues, delete them permanently, or move to trash for restoring it in the future, if required.

Filter & Preview the Products to Edit

It is a bit difficult to find the products you wish to modify if you are searching for them from a store that deals with a massive number of different products and their variations. Precise filtering is necessary to sort out the exact products on which you want to do the modification. You can filter the products for bulk edit by a variety of properties.
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