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BuddyPress Member Types Pro

BuddyPress Member Types Pro 1.5.3


BuddyPress Member Types Pro​

The most complete BuddyPress member type solution for your site.
Member Type field, Automatic roles assignment, WooCommerce Memberships assignment and a lot more.

Easily create and manage member types.​

Simple & intuitive interface.
  • Access it from Dashboard->Users->Member Types.
  • Easily create/edit/activate/deactivate/remove member types.
  • Use shortcodes to embed your member lists.

Take Control of the member types directory.​

  • Enable/Disable member type directory.
  • Customize member type directory slug.
  • Control member type tabs listing in directory.
  • Include/Exclude members belonging to a member type from directory.
  • Member Type based Conditional login redirect and after account activation redirect.
  • Member Type based default profile landing tab selection.

Setup automatic WordPress role assignment based on BuddyPress member type.​

  • Associate one or more WordPress roles to a member type.
  • On member type change, the users will be assigned the new roles.
  • If the new member type does not have any associated member type, user's roles won't change.
  • If the user is super admin, their role is not modified.
  • Changing role will not change member type.

Add users to BuddyPress Groups based on their member type.​

  • Associate BuddyPress Groups to member types .
  • Automatically assign groups to user on registration based on member type.
  • Automatically assign new groups on member type change.
  • Removing from a group will not change their member type..

Using WooCommerce Memberships? Seamlessly integrate it with member types.​

  • Associate Membership plans to member types.
  • Automatically assign membership plans on registration based on member type.
  • Automatically assign new memberships on member type change.
  • Removing memberships or changing them will not change member type.

Take control of content visibility with BuddyPress Member types.​

  • Four Shortcodes for controlling visibility based on member types.
  • Each shortcode allows using one or more member type as options.
  • [bpmtp-show-if-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-show-if-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-hide-if-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type].
  • The shortcode names are self explanatory. You can specify one or more member types as option.
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  1. BuddyPress Member Types Pro 1.5.3

    Version: 1.5.3 Tuesday, 20 February, 2024 Tested With: BuddyPress 12.2.0 Compatible With...
  2. BuddyPress Member Types Pro v1.5.1

    1.5.1 * Ensured that group ids are always passed as numeric value.

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