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BeDrive - File Sharing & Cloud Storage System

BeDrive - File Sharing & Cloud Storage System 3.1.5

2024 May 17 - Version 3.1.5​

  • new: changed email verification to use one time password, instead of verification link
  • new: added CRON, outgoing email and error logs in admin area
  • fix: subscription activation sometimes being delayed when using stripe
  • fix: PayPal subscription state sometimes not syncing with the site
  • fix: old settings sometimes being cached

2024 January 16 - Version 3.1.3​

  • new: it's now possible to change default font, border radius and navbar color from appearance editor.
  • fix: a few issues with user passwords and login
  • fix: issue with when switching from stripe test mode to live
  • fix: custom landing page SEO tags not showing sometimes
  • fix: date range picker issue when starting selection from end date
  • fix: file name overflow issue on shareable link on mobile
  • fix: preview page ad alignment
  • fix: issue with sharing folders that have large amount of files
  • fix: used space formatting sometimes not working properly.
  • fix: mark all notification as unread, instead of just visible ones via mark as unread button
  • fix: redirect to login page if user is not logged in and does not have permissions to view page
  • fix: flac audio incorrectly being detected as video

2023 September 15 - Version 3.1.2​

  • new: improved first page load speed
  • new: improved SEO tags editor in admin area
  • new: Shareable link page will now have SEO tags
  • new: allow specifying file uploads directory
  • fix: appearance editor values not updating sometimes without page reload
  • fix: mobile logo sometimes getting deleted
  • fix: permission issue with guest role
  • fix: allow removing sentry dsn in settings page
  • fix: hidden plans still visible on change plan page
  • fix: annual subscription sometimes not getting selected
  • fix: file upload field not clearing when there's an error
  • fix: paypal subscription issue
  • fix: issues with "api.access" permission
  • fix: issue with search on mobile
  • fix: confirmation dialog not closing sometimes
  • fix: responsive issues on share link page
  • fix: thumbnail for uploaded images not being centered
  • fix: landing page background issues on iOS
  • fix: a few issues with shared file permissions

2023 June 13 - Version 3.1.1​

  • new: added two factor authentication support
  • new: users can now be suspended/baned from admin area
  • new: added full size social login buttons as an option in login and register pages
  • new: it's now possible to prevent emails from certain domains from registering new accounts
  • new: added active sessions panel in account settings page
  • new: Improved responsiveness of all tables across the site.
  • new: folder where uploads will be stored on local server can now be changed
  • fix: prevent viewing all workspace files when no "files.view" permission is present for user
  • fix: folder size getting out of sync sometimes when deleting/restoring files
  • fix: some issues with file uploads when installed on a subdomain.
  • fix: last week option in date picker
  • fix: prevent admin user from being deleted
  • fix: wrong site url sometimes being set during installation
  • fix: some visual issues on checkout page
  • fix: light theme still being default, event if dark theme is selected in settings page
  • fix: hide theme change button if theme changing is disabled in settings page

2023 April 03 - Version 3.1.0​

  • fix: savings calculation in pricing page
  • fix: prevent admin user from being deleted
  • fix: light theme still being default, event if dark theme is selected in settings page
  • fix: google tag manager snippet not being inserted correctly sometimes
  • fix: table rows only being selectable with double tap on some phones
  • fix: external link not working when added in 'auth-dropdown' position via menu manager

2023 March 17 - Version 3.0.9​

New Features​

  • Tags can now be added to files and folders and tags are now searchable.


  • Uploaded images will now have a correct cache header.

Bug Fixes​

  • fixed some visual issues on checkout page.
  • fixed a number of incompatibilities with different servers when uploading files.
  • fixed upload aborting sometimes not working properly.
  • fixed some workspace dialog translation issues.
  • fixed several issues with dialog scrolling.
  • fixed an issue with themes in appearance editor not saving sometimes.
  • Fixed homepage link on 404 page.
  • Fixed non default port for storage ftp credentials no working.
  • Fixed an issue when closing upload queue manually would prevent subsequent uploads.
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2022 December 11 - Version 3.0.8​


  • Selected sorting will now be remembered between page loads for each individual folder.
  • Added keybinds for selecting all files and deleting currently selected files.
  • Delete, duplicate and move operations will now show loading message while in progress.
  • It's now possible to select date range in admin area analytics page.
  • Analytics page will now show percentage change from previous period in the header.

Bug Fixes​

  • Update user permissions when switching between workspaces.
  • Collapse navbar menu into dropdown on mobile.
  • Add missing password field when updating user from admin area.
  • Add proper aspect ratio to video embeds in custom pages.
  • Prevent uploading while trash page is open.
  • Fix an issue with POST requests in api docs page not working properly.

2022 October 10 - Version 3.0.7​


  • Improved admin area analytics data labeling.

Bug Fixes​

  • Fixed an issue with some s3 providers not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with FTP storage provider port not working sometimes.
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2022 September 30 - Version 3.0.6​

Bug Fixes​

  • Corrected several words that were not translatable from admin area.
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