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B2BKing - The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing - The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin 5.0.35

Version 5.0.35 - May 28th, 2024
- Fixed bug where saving variation stock quantities affected all variations or
threw “value has changed since editing” error.
- Fixed issue where page visibility did not apply correctly to shop page
- Minor fixes and improvements
Version 4.9.90 - March 19th, 2024

New features:
- Content shortcode now supports checking whether a customer has bought a certain product.
This way you can make specific content available to only users who purchased X product.

- Added export feature to Customers admin panel
- Made integration between tiered price tables and raise price rules, so that
tiered tables take into account raised percentages.

- Fixed issue with setting radio fields as required during registration
- Fixed issue with ‘save list’ button showing even if purchase lists feature is disabled
- Fixed page visibility save bug
- Fixed issue with showing payment instructions twice on checkout thank you page.
- Fixed categories sorting issue on bulk order form
Version 4.9.47 - February 10th, 2024
New features:
- New setting that uses the actual products of the offer rather than the combined 'offer' product.
Can be enabled in B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Offers -> "Offers use actual products".

- Added Cart Blocks support for B2BKing quote and purchase list buttons.
- Added Checkout Blocks support for Invoice Payment Gateway
- Added Checkout Blocks support for Purchase Order Gateway
- Added Checkout Blocks support for Company Order Approval Gateway
- Added Checkout Blocks support for Company Credit Gateway
- Partial integration with Woo Smart Bundles plugin and Yith Bundles
- Added offer download icon loader

- Fixed issue with adding out of stock items to quote
- Switched to using https for VIES requests
- Fixed bugs in retrieving reports and dashboard data.
Version 4.8.50 - December 1st, 2023

- VIES Validation update: when VAT requests fail because of the server
(timeout, unavailable, etc) the plugin will accept the registration but notify the website admin.

- Added support for undefined attributes (e.g. “any size…”) to the cream order form.

- Added solution to encode custom fonts via URL for PDF generation in languages such as Arabic,
Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, etc.

- Added compatibility for WPExperts Currency Switcher


- Integration with Forminator to fix page loading conflict

- Fixed bug causing billing fields to show twice on pdf invoices

- Fixed errors related to Kadence email customizer previews of B2BKing emails

- Fixed bug with Woodmart theme showing “sale!” on non sale products

- Fixed bug causing separate B2B stock status to be shown incorrectly
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Version 4.8.20 - November 11th, 2023
- Licensing improvements
- Minor bug fixes
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Version 4.7.70 - October 13th, 2023

- Discounts that apply to multiple categories will now no longer apply multiple times
for the same product.


- Fixed issue related to REST authentication and visibility.

- Fixed bug causing random characters in offers PDF

- Minor bug fixes
Version 4.7.50 - September 30th, 2023

- Added support for product tags in dynamic rules (beta)

- Subaccounts can now cancel their orders that are pending approval

- Added links to classic order form products and purchase list products: they can now be clicked to go to the product page

- Added quick editing for registration fields' roles

- Added [b2bking_quote_form] shortcode


- Fixed issue with notices showing twice

- Fixed bug where inexistent coupons could be added.

- Fixed bug where tiered pricing 'sum up variations' was not working correctly with B2B sale prices.

- Fixed page visibility bug not redirecting to login page

- Fixed visibility bugs related to single user category visibility

- Fixed select coloring issue in backed admin

- Fixed pagination bug for offers / conversations
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Version 4.7.10 - August 25th, 2023

New features:
- It is now possible to set visibility for each page
- Added feature / button to log in as a subaccount
Can be disabled via add_filter('b2bking_allow_subaccount_login','__return_false');
- Added ability to add icons to ‘Login to view prices’ as well as other texts:
- It is s now possible to send guest users offers by email, and they will be able to see
the offer after they create an account.

- Subscriptions free trials now compatible with B2BKing pricing.

- Disable coupons for B2B users setting no longer hides coupons on admin side.
- Fixed bug where monthly / yearly group rules did not apply correctly.
Version 4.6.25 - May 30th, 2023

- When creating manual backend orders, the plugin now pulls the correct user group
price, sale price or tiered price (based on qty selected).
It also supports dynamic rules for fixed price and discount as sale price.
May not fully support tax.

- Updated translation template
- Fixed cream order form number update issue