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Astra Premium Starter Templates - WordPress Plugin

Astra Premium Starter Templates - WordPress Plugin 4.0.8 NULLED

v4.0.8 - 01-February-2024
- Improvement: AI Website Builder - Ability to create a site with desired features like Donations, Automation, Sales Funnels Video Player, etc for the website.
v4.0.4 - 22-January-2024
- Fix: Fixed the fatal error issue that would occur after Spectra v2.12.0.
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v3.5.6 - 27-December-2023
- New: Expanded the Template Kit Library by introducing site templates for an enriched selection of design options.
- Improvement: Enhanced the WordPress Dashboard banner for improved visibility.
- Improvement: Streamlined compatibility by discontinuing support for PHP versions below 7.4
- Fix: Fixed the persistent customizer CSS issue in non-adaptive mode within the Template Kit Library.
- Fix: Enhanced compatibility in Template Kits Library to ensure seamless template display even when Spectra is activated midway through the import process.
v3.5.2 - 07-December-2023
- New: All new AI based Template Kit library.
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v3.4.2 - 20-September-2023
- Fix: Plugin causes redirect URL related warnings with WP CLI plugin activate command.
v3.4.1 - 13-September-2023
- Improvement: Improved the Starter Template Modal for users using Elementor in Dark Mode.
- Fix: Addressed broken links and alignment issues in the welcome banner, especially on different resolutions.
- Fix: Fixed the issue of displaying HTML Markup in the notice when a block is not found in Elementor.
v3.2.6 - 16-June-2023
- Fix: An issue that occurred as a regression from v3.2.4, where CartFlows flows were not being imported.
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v3.2.3 - 22-May-2023
- Improvement: Updated the Block Editor Template Library
v3.2.2 - 15-May-2023
- Improvement: Added Premium Templates for Block Editor.