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Support tickets made easy.
Provide support services on your site with Akeeba Ticket System Professional, the easy way. Full HTML editing. Email replies. WYSIWYG email template editing. Multilingual support. And much more!
Take advantage of Joomla!'s powerful nested categories management for your support ticket categories
Tired of typing the same answer over and over? Need a reply template for new support agents? Canned replies to the rescue!

You get to decide how your users will file their tickets. On your site, using a rich text editor? Or maybe via email? Perhaps a mix of the two? It's all possible.

Have you ever wondered how much your support agents really work? Which ones are loved by your users and which one not so much? Akeeba Ticket System makes it easy to find the answers you were looking for.
Use Joomla Fields to request structured input from your users and/or support staff. All core and third party Joomla Fields are supported.

Akeeba Ticket System Pro automatically searches public tickets and your site (using Joomla's Smart Search). It shows the results while your users are still typing out their ticket. The end result? Fewer tickets to be answered by human agents, more satisfied clients!

Your clients can attach files to their tickets. The upload settings — like the maximum size, allowed file types, etc — can be managed separately from Joomla media manager settings.
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