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4.0.26 / 2023-11-07

* Added: Spintax support for plain text email
* Added: YouTube widget for PRO builder, with thumbnail option
* Added: webhooks support for campaign's events
* Added: ZeroBounce integration for email verification
* Added: Postal integration
* Added: audio widget support for PRO builder
* Added: easier license management & upgrade
* Fixed: payment flow leading to pending status
* Fixed: encoding issue for Japanese characters
* Fixed: scheduling issue for Automation
* Fixed: issues related to single/simple mode for development
* Fixed: RFC 2822 compliance
4.0.25-p516 / 2023-04-06
* Added: OpenAI framework support
* Added: allow users to delete a node in the middle of the automation workflow
* Added: support duplicate automation
* Added: allow user to easily enter custom URL for image widget
* Added: new PRO builder with more widgets
* Added: custom preheader for emails
* Added: more base email & form templates
* Added: support new GeoIP database, for more correct location detection
* Added: better auto mapping support for CSV import
* Fixed: bounce handler does not work with certain types of bounced messages
* Fixed: timezone issue with automation triggers
* Fixed: certain Japanese characters do not show up correctly
* Fixed: better support for legacy versions of Outlook
* Fixed: better handle large attachments