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Version 2.8 10 June 2024​

- Introduce subscription based store model with a dynamic package and free trial option
- Implemented the ability for the store to reply to the reviews directly from the review list for improved customer interaction and feature managed by the admin
- Integrated 3rd party storage connection Amazon S3 for efficient and scalable storage solutions
- Fixed some issues
- Improved some queries and optimized performance
- Made the Flutter app compatible with Flutter SDK 3.22.1
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Version 2.5.2 01 February 2024​

-Changed and improved some APIs for React version 2.3
- Fixed some issues
- No changes in apps and Flutter web
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Version 2.5.0 28 November 2023​

- Auto earning calculation in daily, weekly and monthly basic based on admin's settings and generate automatic payout list for both Store and Delivery Man
- Digital payment option in due payments for both Store and Delivery men.
- Delivery Instruction for parcel module
- Changed bottom navigation design and managed as per module in user app
- Improved design in parcel module
- Fixed some issues
- Improved some query and optimize performance
- Made the flutter app compatible with flutter sdk 3.16.0

Version 2.4.0 20 October 2023​

- Module wise new homepage design for user app and flutter web
- Central product gallery for reuse the information managed by the admin
- Product approval system managed by the admin
- Zone-wise bad weather extra charge managed by the admin
- Guest checkout (Now customer can place an order with login/signup)
- Manual/ Offline payment option manage by the admin with dynamically payment method
- Track order by OrderID and phone number for the Guest User
- Online cart management so that user can access his/her cart from any platform.
- Common conditions for products in Pharmacy Module
- Delivery man live tracking using websocket to make the live tracking more accurate.
- Made compatible the Parcel delivery from one zone to another.
- Banner for the store page managed by store
- Fixed some small issues
- Made the app compatible with flutter version 3.13.8

Version 2.3.0 23 August 2023​

- Fixed translation related issues in full system and make it easier for translation
- Improvements for import and export with proper organised design for exported data
- Add fund to customer wallet using payment gateways with bonus for add fund to wallet
- Partial payment by wallet balance
- Landing page on/off feature with custom landing page upload/configure option
- Admin/Store panel push notification feature managed by both firebase or manual database query
- Service charge/ Packaging charge/ Platform fee adding option with dynamic texts and amount
- Delivery proof managed by delivery man
- Maximum quantity check for an item when add to cart
- Complete redesign for flutter web and react website
- Update payment gateways and make the system compatible with upcoming payment module of 6amTech
- Direct store link share option and managed required data for direct link share
- Improvements on lots of features and restructure the code
- Fixed some issues
- Performance improved
- Made the flutter app compatible with flutter sdk 3.10.6

Version 2.2.1 24 June 2023​

Important note: You must need PHP 8.1 in your server for this update.
- Made the backend and web panel compatible with PHP version 8.1 and Laravel 10
- Fixed currency position related problem for RTL
- Added dynamic color for Admin's Landing page
- Added Link buttton for web app in admin's landing page
- Fixed COD and digital payment disable issue
- Fixed organic tag edit issue
- Fixed some other small issues
- Made the flutter app compatible with flutter sdk 3.10.5

Version 2.2 14 June 2023​

- Dynamic email template with lots of email options
- Dynamic Firebase notification messages managed from the admin panel
- Dynamic login URL for admin, admin employee, store, and store employee
- Manage all landing pages with dynamic data
- Manage multi-language for all types of data with the default language data option
- Design improvements for the user app
- Proper instruction with video and text for all kinds of settings
- Unit tag for items
- Organic tag for grocery items
- Cutlery added or not option for food module on checkout and order details
- Item unavailable note in the checkout page and all types of orders
- Order delivery instructions in the checkout page and show in order details
- Label in address for the customer
- Cookies accept popup for all modules
- Made the Flutter apps compatible with Flutter null-safety
- Fixed some other small issues in the admin panel, web, and apps
- Lots of performance-related improvements
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Version 2.0 13 February 2023​

- Complete reorganized admin panel with module-wise business operation
- Admin panel compatible with RTL and multi-language
- Tax included/excluded option
- Fixed some issues in the admin panel, user app, and web
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Version 1.8 22 January 2023​

- New food variation system only for the food module
- New reporting with details data
- Search improved by search tag in the product add
- Module-wise notification messages setup
- Order directly by prescription upload in the pharmacy module based on store permission
- Zone-wise maximum order amount for COD orders
- Made compatible the vendor app for employee role-wise access
- Fixed some small issues