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WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program

WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program 8.0.1 NULLED

WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program.jpg

WordPress and WooCommerce Affiliate Program NULLED is a Affiliate Marketing Plugin which helps you to market your products through your affiliate team and through which you can generate more income from your eCommerce site by having more visibility and higher traffic. To achieve that you just have to install our plugin and sit back and relax with your friends/family. We got everything covered for you with dozens of features available.

How AFFILIATE PROGRAM will help you?​

By using our Plugin you can run an AFFILIATE SYSTEM on your website. You can reward your Affiliates with different types of commissions and bonuses.
  • It will increase your site’s VISIBILITY on SEO engines.
  • With our plugin you will surely reach the next level with INCREASED SALES.
  • Your products will be marketed through different SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.
  • Your site will get HIGHER TRAFFIC with all these features.

Multi Level Marketing ( MLM )​

You can choose any of the MLM Matrix from Binary, Forced Matrix and Unilevel and start earning money through your MLM members. You can set number of childs and levels of MLM chain. You can even set commission for each level.

Two Way Commission​

Now admin can give commissions to users in the form of product discounts which is referred by Affiliate. Commission for a user can be set from the product edit page. Only product-wise commission for a user is available.

Manual Referral/Commission​

Some time admin needs to add manual commission for an affiliate. So we have added manual referral/commission setting for admin.

Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads​

Now you can implement an Affiliate system and Multi-Level Marketing for easy digital downloads ( EDD ), reward your affiliates for marketing your digital products.

Unlimited Affiliates :​

You can create as many affiliates as you want to promote your products.

GDPR Compliant :​

User’s Data will be appended in WordPress Export and Erase Personal Data Tools.

Advanced Affiliate Tools :​

These tools help the affiliates to market your products easily and effectively.

Manual Referral :​

Now admin can add manual referral for any affiliate.

Set Maximum Commission Limit :​

You can set a maximum commission limit for a month, so that you don’t need to pay your affiliate once that threshold limit is reached.

Marketing through Social Media :​

With this functionality an affiliate can share the product’s affiliate link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp.

Option to choose between Referral Link or Referral Code :​

You can choose whether to use Referral Links or Referral Code according to your requirements. Referral Code can be used by the affiliates to share with their groups.

4 Different Register Templates have Option to Add Extra Custom Fields :​

You can choose from 4 different Register Templates according to your theme requirements. You can easily customize form elements with pre-defined options and can add any extra custom fields.
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Latest updates

  1. WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program v8.0.1 NULLED

    21/10/2023 - ver 8.0.1 -- Security Bug Fixed
  2. WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program v7.1.0 NULLED

    08/06/2023 - ver 7.1.0 -- Added forget password feature for affiliates. -- Given the...
  3. WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program v7.0.0 NULLED

    26/12/2022 - ver 7.0.0 -- Added a feature to customize all emails of affiliates --...

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