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Art Direction Graphic Design And Photography by Sofie Papadopoulou


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How do you rise above the norm in today’s oversaturated, digital space? How do you come up with interstellar memorable, unique concepts that stand out from the crowd? How do you bring these concepts to life through your Art Direction? And what are the key skills to communicating effectively with your client and with your team?​

Being an amazing Designer is NOT what makes you a good Art Director. An Art Director requires a combination of skills. It requires Communication skills, Design skills and Leadership skills.

In this course you’ll learn from my experience, how to build memorable and meaningful concepts and how to harness the power of international teams and clients to bring these concepts to life through effective communication. We are going to go through my process of conceptualization and Art Direction presentation by deconstructing one of my favorite projects ever, showcasing how it all started and how it actually lives and breathes online today. Lastly, we are going to talk about the fundamental elements that make a true Design leader.

Are you ready to become a Design leader? It's time to dig deep, find your power and let your true capabilities shine through.

(*) In this course, we are using Figma and Pitch, but there will be no showcase on how the software’s are used, as this is not a ‘technical’ course, some basic knowledge is needed. Feel free to replace them with any Design and Presentation software of your choice.

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