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Thrive Themes Apprentice

Thrive Themes Apprentice 4.5 NULLED

Thrive Themes

Create Online Courses You Can Sell with the Most Customizable LMS Plugin for WordPress. Thrive Apprentice NULLED gives you the most flexible WordPress course building solution on the market —alongside a complete online business building toolkit! Key features:

Thrive Apprentice Works with ANY WordPress Theme. This plugin bolts right onto your existing WordPress website — giving you the power to create and customize online courses with a powerful visual editor.

TOTAL Content Control. WordPress is awesome because it allows you to create an online course platform with 100% ownership and control. Thrive Apprentice was created to safeguard this total ownership advantage by never holding your course content hostage. Because you're creating courses on your own WordPress website with Thrive Apprentice, YOU own your content. Period.

Assemble Your Lessons with Ease. Did we mention building online courses with Thrive Apprentice is EASY? Start by outlining your courses with Modules, Chapters and Lessons inside the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

You can then organize and re-order your course structure — at any time — by drag & dropping these course components around until you achieve the perfect learning flow for your students.

Create the Perfect Customer Checkout Experience. Just imagine you have multiple courses available for visitors to buy. Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to show Dynamic Labels on each of those courses based on EACH visitor’s course status. Already a customer? Let visitors know clicking will send them to their most recent lesson. Not a customer? Dynamic Labels can show which courses visitors haven't bought yet.

And should non-customers try to open a premium course, you can send them to its sales page instead!

Beautiful Login and Registration Flows. Say goodbye to those ugly Login & Registration pages the other course builders force you to use... Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to completely customize the design of your student Login & Registration forms — as well as the pages they live on!

Import Your Existing Course Customer Lists. Have you started selling courses on another platform, but want to switch to Thrive Apprentice? No problem! Simply export your existing customer list into a CSV file provided by your previous course builder or membership tool...

Then use the advanced Customer List feature inside Thrive Apprentice to import your list and quickly grant or remove course access to individual students — in a single click.

Instantly Duplicate Existing Courses. Need to create multiple courses that all share the same design style & structure? Use Thrive Apprentice’s one-click Course Cloning feature to make this job EASY. Once you’ve created one course, just click the clone button, start tweaking the duplicate course’s content, et voilà… you’ve got a brand new course in a matter of minutes!
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