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OSCampus Pro

OSCampus Pro 3.0.33

OSCampus Pro.png

The best Joomla LMS (Learning Management System)​

OSCampus is the best way to build an online training site with Joomla.

OSCampus allows you to publish online classes. You can use OSCampus to create classes with multiple lessons and quizzes. The lessons can consist of anything from videos or text, to presentations and PDFs. Your lessons can be YouTube or Vimeo Videos, Slideshare or Google presentations, simple text or complex code.

Do you want to test and rewards your users? When users finish your classes, you can let them take a quiz, and earn certificates when they pass.

If you want a Joomla LMS, then OSCampus is absolutely your best choice!

Get a stylish, frontend display for your lessons​

OSCampus has a beautiful, responsive display showing your class contents, description, teacher information and optional exercise files.

Your lessons can be videos, texts or quizzes​

Your Joomla LMS classes can include a variety of content types, including YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos.

Joomla LMS statistics for popular content​

OSCampus allows you to analyze detailed statistics on your classes, lessons and students.

The completely native Joomla LMS​

OSCampus is 100% integrated with Joomla. You don't need any complex integrations. You can manage your classes through the native Joomla interface and use Joomla core features.

Easily navigate between lessons​

OSCampus allows viewers to easily navigate between lessons with the Home / Previous / Next buttons. Some video integrations give even more control to your students.

Built-in search system​

OSCampus supports the Joomla core search, but also comes with its own search system. You can do a general search, or drill down to look for classes, pathways or lessons.

Advanced quizzes​

In order to complete a course, you can require students to complete quizzes. You can cutomize the quiz with a timer, the passing grade, and certificates if students pass the quiz.

Certificates for completed classes​

When your users complete a class, they can get a PDF certificate. You can customize the design and choose the font for the text.
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Latest updates

  1. Changelog OSCampus Pro 3.0.33

    OSCampus v3.0.33 Published: 09 June 2024 Fix various issues with start/end publishing dates...
  2. OSCampus Pro v3.0.26

    OSCampus v3.0.26 Published: 01 November 2023 Maintenance release - eliminates deprecation...
  3. OSCampus Pro v3.0.13

    OSCampus v3.0.13 Published: 08 January 2023 Prevent corruption of core document class due to...

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