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Flexible Checkout Fields PRO

Flexible Checkout Fields PRO 4.0.8

WP Desk

Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce​

Edit, add new or hide unnecessary fields from the checkout form. It's all about conversions and better user experience.

Key Benefits of the WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor​

It is absolutely essential to be able to manage WooCommerce fields to make the checkout process as easy as possible and remove distractions.

Best Looking Checkout Fields Plugin​

Flexible Checkout Fields beautifully integrates with the WordPress dashboard.

Fields Order​

Just drag&drop to reorder fields. You can reorder WooCommerce built-in fields as well as custom fields that you add yourself.

Labels and Placeholders​

Want to change Company name to just Company or Your Awesome Company? Just edit the label and it will instantly appear in the checkout.

Show or Hide Fields​

You do not need a customer’s phone number or second line address? Just hide the fields from the checkout and you’re good to go.

Required or Optional Fields​

Easily manage which fields should be required and which optional. Just click a required checkbox in the field settings and make a field required or optional.

Custom CSS Class​

Add some style to your fields. By adding a custom class to each field you can then uniquely style it in your theme’s stylesheet.

Add WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields​

Add new custom fields to WooCommerce checkout. Our WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor supports 21 field types to suit all your needs.
  • Single Line Text (text input)
  • Paragraph Text (text area)
  • Number NEW
  • E-mail NEW
  • Phone NEW
  • Checkbox
  • Multi-checkbox NEW
  • Radio Button
  • Radio with images NEW
  • Radio with colors NEW
  • Select (drop down)
  • Multiselect
  • Date
  • Time
  • Color Picker
  • Headline
  • Paragraph NEW
  • HTML or plain text
  • File Upload
  • Image NEW
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Latest updates

  1. Flexible Checkout Fields PRO 4.0.8

    ## [4.0.8] - 2024-06-20 ### Fixed - Adding pricing "0" to a field
  2. Flexible Checkout Fields PRO 4.0.4

    ## [4.0.4] - 2024-02-21 ### Fixed - Infinite Order review section reload when field has pricing...
  3. Flexible Checkout Fields PRO 4.0.1

    ## [4.0.3] - 2023-02-14 ### Fixed - Conditional logic not working in review_order_before_submit...

Latest reviews

Very nice ! But it needs an update to version 4.0.7
Hopefully you can do this <3
Nice plugin but need to update

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