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Custom Registration Form - Add Registration Fields

PrestaShop Custom Registration Form - Add Registration Fields 2.3.3

FME Modules

Prestashop Registration Fields Module allows you to add extra fields to registration form. Using Prestashop Registration From admin can set new user validation. Text, dropdown, upload, image, checkbox & 8 other field types. Make them dependable

Features Highlights of Prestashop Custom Registration Form Module
  • Add extra custom fields on registration page
  • Admin can allow users to select the user group at the time of registration
  • Get Customer address at registration
  • Create dependable fields i.e fields will be shown depending on the options selected by the user
  • Option to restrict new registrations with validation from Admin
  • Add text, drop-down, image, file upload & 5 other types of fields
  • Show fields in invoice PDF, order detail page & “My Account” section
  • Filter customer by custom fields (Text, date field only)
  • Multi-Store & Multi-Lingual.

Supported Fields
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date input
  • Message-only box
  • Drop Down menu
  • Multiple Select options
  • Yes/No menu
  • Radio buttons
  • Check-boxes
  • File Upload by customer
  • Image upload

With the help of the PrestaShop Registration Module, you can include limitless custom fields on the user registration/signup form such as Text Area, Drop Down, Yes/No etc. It also gives customers the liberty to edit their information by signing into their user accounts on the website. There is no restriction on the types and number of custom fields you wish to add. Use dependable fields to only show specific custom fields to the customers. Prestashop registration form module makes your effort count.

What this PrestaShop registration form plugin has to offer?

The more information you get from your customers, the better sales pitch you can deliver. By adding custom fields on your clienteles account pages you can understand the demographics and behaviors to enhance your services. PrestaShop registration fields module allows you to incorporate these fields during customer sign up so can receive the data all at once.

Area of Function

PrestaShop Registration Fields Module can open unlimited doors to surveys, automated offers and event invitations, which can be forwarded to your customers with just one click.

Validate New Registrations by Admin
The latest update includes the option for the admin to restrict new customer registration. If enabled new user registration will need to be first approved by the admin. This option will make sure that only your desired users have access to the registered content.

Allow users to select User Group at Registration
The latest feature includes an option that allows the admin to show the user group selection on the registration form.
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