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ColibriSM - Powerful Twitter-Like Social Network System

ColibriSM - Powerful Twitter-Like Social Network System v1.4.3 nulled

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ColibriSM NULLED This is a modern platform for sharing media content, an analogue of social networks such as twitter, instagram. ColibriSM is one of the best options for creating your own social platform.
  1. Responsive & Beautiful and modern design
  2. Attractive and powerful admin panel
  3. Upload images & videos from your device
  4. Import GIFs from internet
  5. Chat system
  6. Day & Night modes
  7. Notifications system
  8. Like & Comment system
  9. Post sharing & reposting system
  10. Polls system
  11. Youtube & Vimeo Embed system
  12. Google maps Embed system
  13. Google AdSense system
  14. Swifts system (User stories)
  15. SPA page load system
  16. Ads system
  17. Amazon S3 storage (Admin panel)
  18. Media upload limit (Admin panel)
  19. Ability to add multiple admins (Admin panel)
  20. Affiliate system
  21. Voice recorder
  22. User report system
  23. Publication report system
  24. Publication hiding system
  25. User Block/Unblock system
  26. Bookmarks system
  27. User profile system
  28. Profile privacy system
  29. Post privacy system
  30. Follow privacy system
  31. Follow/Unfollow system
  32. Emoji system
  33. Multi language system
  34. Multi theme support system (Admin can switch theme from admin panel)
  35. GDPR Compliance
  36. SEO friendly optimization
  37. oAuth login system
  38. And much more..

What kind of technology used?​

ColibriSM Developed on native php code, without the use of any frameworks, with the exception of auxiliary libraries. As for the client side of the script, the developers used the most popular technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS, and others

Server requirements​

  1. PHP 5.5 or Higher. (We strongly recommend using the latest PHP version as well as MySQL server)
  2. MySQLi
  3. GD Library
  4. MBstring
  5. cURL
  6. PHP Zip Module
v1.4.3 nulledVersion
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. v1.4.3 nulled by me

    V1.4.3 (05 JANUARY 2024) - Fixed reported bugs of the prev version
  2. v1.4.2 not nulled

    v1.4.2 (13 December 2023) - Fixed all reported issues in the previous version v1.4.1 (10...
  3. ColibriSM v1.4.0 NULLED

    1.4.0 Fixed reported bugs of the prev version

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